Farmyard Fresh


Jane Aston

Two Day Project: 5TH-6TH JUNE 2018

MOVEMENT is delighted to present a short overview of an ongoing current MA research and practice project by artist Jane Aston and will be showing a selection of work produced through the observation and insemination into the working life of a local Herefordshire sheep farm as an artist in residence. This spring/summer Jane has been producing a series of context specific drawings and sculptures that utilise objects and materials found on the farm.  The resulting one-day exhibition Farmyard Fresh draws parallels between the methodologies employed in farming practices and those realised through visual makers. Providing a counterpoint to idyllic notions and exploring areas of farming that the artist/public may be unfamiliar thus challenging the representation of rurality and what it means to work the land. Farmyard Fresh actively rejects an idealised portrayal of the rural in a strategic attempt to unlock the truth of the situation by establishing a creative practice on the farm.