In no particular Order;

Thank you to Alex Johnson, former founding director and our sons Phoenix, Storm and Raphael Coulson-Johnson.

Everybody involved in the community stations initiative including; Staff at London Midland, Network Rail and Acorp, The Contemporary Art Society for including MOVEMENT in the centenary publication. Doggerlanders ” Artist-led map” and Kevin Hunt’s “Hot 100”

Our funders; Arts Council England, Worcestershire County Council and Railways Heritage Trust, Elephant Trust, Bransford Trust and Sanctuary Housing Association.

The  individual support of; Joe Holyoak Architects, Susan Miles, Susan Fisher, Gerry Swift, Mick Smith, Jason Penhall, Turmin Ltd, RB Evans, Martha Neilsdotter, Paul Johnson, Adam Kay, Jacob Feige, Sam Francis, Pitch Black Photography, Adela Straughton, Erica Burton, Chris Hammond, Gavin Wade, Louise Short, Tracey Warr, Zoe Shearman, Candice Jacobs and Moot, Rob Wilkinson, Jacob Masters, Karina Cabanikova, Evelyn Privitera, Alice Leeman, Ken Omom, Joe Davies, Jane Aston, Sara Bennett, Steve Quick, Mertin Yallop, Polly Harding, Morgan Johnson,