Help out

We offer various types of internship: gallery and admin and curatorial . These are open to all Fine art, Art history and Curating students (and similar programs) if you are willing to work at least one day a week for between 1 and 6 months. Please contact MOVEMENT for more details.

* MOVEMENT currently has  gallery / admin internships available.

Make Friends with MOVEMENT

Friend:  Donate £25 on an annual basis to support the gallery and receive a MOVEMENT care package and receive priority news detailing MOVEMENT projects/exhibitions/talks and events alongside MOVEMENT flyers. We will encourage these to be collected by various archives.

Sponsors: Companies or individuals that donate to MOVEMENT whether it is for a specific project or on an annual basis have the opportunity to display their name or company logo on our publicity material and advertisements relating to the projects that they have supported. You will receive complementary copies of MOVEMENT publications and invitations to special events. You also can arrange to meet with the directors to discuss MOVEMENTS future programme and obtain an insight into artists that we might be working with, including studio visits and first viewings.

While MOVEMENT is not a traditional commercial gallery, many of the works in our exhibitions will be available for sale, either exclusively through MOVEMENT or in partnership with an artist’s representing gallery. Many works will be made specifically for, or commissioned by MOVEMENT. We will also work with artists at the beginning of their careers, before they are represented by a gallery.

MOVEMENT has stock of a select range of affordable artists multiples, ephemera/publications and artzines. Buying works through MOVEMENT helps support the artists who make the work and enables us to expand our programme as all commissions from sales go towards the running of the gallery, You may pick up a work for your collection that is unavailable anywhere else.

Contact MOVEMENT for further details on how to support us.