The door that does not fit the frame

Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Jonathon Gilhooly present the culmination of their residency at MOVEMENT.

8th November- 16th December 2012

This short artist/curator residency involved working with Movement’s existing archive of exhibition material (and other general paraphernalia) from previous events, and currently located within the purpose built storage units to the rear of the gallery. The residency has been used as an opportunity to work with the archive, materially and symbolically, and to (re-)examine/interrogate the role of the archive in the early stages of an artist run gallery’s development. The frequently short lifespan of artist-run spaces means that archiving is usually de-prioritised, and exploratory practice is lost to history, or endures only in the recounted memories of those in attendance.

After visiting Worcester Art Gallery and Museum earlier in October the artists were inspired by its spectacular Victorian interior and wonderfully diverse collection. Here was a museum (built at the end of the 19th century, but housing a collection that originated several decades earlier) which embodied all of the attractions, challenges and idiosyncrasies that are the result of acquisitional longevity – a condition so-to-speak at the opposite end of the temporal spectrum to that of Movement. Approaching the gallery curator at Worcerster with a request to loan some of their currently unused display cabinets, for the purposes of creating alternative temporary archival solutions for Movement’s existing material. Through this associated issues such as the significance of institutional self-knowledge, and the taxonomy of self-organised contemporary art projects were addressed.

Participants artists/curators.
Daniel Pryde-Jarman (Coventry University) and Dr Jonathan Gilhooly (University of Brighton)