Cedar’s Graffiti Supply Store

MOVEMENT proudly presents Cedar’s Graffiti Supply Store, a conceptual supply store set within the context of a public gallery, featuring specialist paints, markers, video and publications that are commonly found in stores of this type. 

The project aims to set up a dialog between the underground sub-culture of graffiti writing and the gallery’s location on a train stain and is in part intended to offer an insight in the world of graffiti for the commuters who use the station and gallery.

The exhibition was curated by Cedar Lewisohn especially for MOVEMENT and features 2D work by International artists Ekta Ekta (Sweden), Pure Evil (UK), Cedar Lewisohn (UK), Chris Stead (UK), Graphic Surgery (Holland), Vova Vorotniov ( Western Ukraine) and El Tono and Nuria (Spain)- whose work was first exhibited in the UK at Tate Projects and also features a video by Alexis Milne (UK) which samples and reconfigures found footage of recently deceased New York subway train graffiti artist Kase 2, a groundbreaking pioneer of New York Hip Hop culture who lived in Harlem and The South Bronx, focusing on the environment that framed his artistic practice; Brutalist public housing blocks, razor wire fences, guard dogs and rubble strewn empty housing lots, provide the backdrop to Kaze 2’s complex and futuristic style of graffiti art he describes as “Fifth dimensional step parallel staircase”. The video montage highlights the starkly inhumane backdrop of 1970’s and 1980’s inner-city living that spawned a groundbreaking artistic movement.

As you enter the gallery you will be greeted by a sculpture of a graffiti artist found and borrowed from Treasure Island, Stouport, by artists Yoke and Zoom.