Love Abounds

MOVEMENT ​The Wrong Embassy

Open intermittently or by appointment : 1st November- 2019- 1st March 2020.

LOVE ABOUNDS (ON INFORMATION NETWORKS) Is a group exhibition for the Wrong (international multi-site digital biennial) at MOVEMENT, Platform 2, Worcester Foregate Street Railway Station, UK. The exhibition is named after a quote by Brian Kuan Wood (What is Love, Eflux Journal):

Love abounds on information networks – like a home, every inbox is a cacophony of emotions, of simple pleasures, seething frustrations, of unconditional support and permanent disavowals, of silent treatments and gushing confessions. It is through bonds of solidarity that all the things that cannot be registered and accounted for – because they are irrational and errant and ill-defined suspended interactions – find their place, either through tolerance or an ability to codify, or both.(1)

The exhibition’s status, concept and appearance attempts to mimic romantic relationships and includes  gathered collections of handwritten love-letters and collection of post-it notes that were left (over time) around the lovers home with the intention that the beloved would discover them and feel loved whilst attending to daily domestic life (donated to MOVEMENT for research by an anonymous video artist).

Artworks include short films, Youtube videos, animations, personal writing that found a home on instagram, micro-oil paintings and a selection of drawings from stock images. Contributions are incorporated into the cuddle puddle from artists; Sean Buckelew, Nina Coulson, Cinzea Cremona,Maria-Veronika Fedorova, Esben Holk, Sean Prentice, Ralph Pritchard, Eîlot Tuerie, GeorginaTyson, and Uddin and Elsey.

Artists work will be added throughout the project, hoarded, piled and layered like love letters/messages between lovers during relationships.

The wrong’smission is to create, promote and push, positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biennial event that temporarily gathers a vast global selection of digital artworks, embracing the artists, curators and institutions of today’s exciting digital culture scene. The wrong happens both online and offline. The online happens in “pavilions”; virtual curated spaces in any online accessible media where selected artworks are exhibited. The offline happens in “embassies”; institutions, art spaces, galleries and artist run spaces in cities around the world.

” no show” CC/anonymous artist 2020
” Broken vows” CC/anonymous artist 2020
” Anonymous romantic exchange” . Installation shot. CC/anonymous artist 2020
“I love you from head to toe” CC/anonymous artist 2020:

‘Cyberspace Sadness”  (screenshot) Youtube video by Esben Holk.
“101 Tragedies” (screenshot) short film by Eilot Tuerie
” I wanna Know who you are” (screenshot) 2 channel video by Ralph Pritchard
” I wanna Know who you are” (screenshot) 2 channel video by Ralph Pritchard
Personal writing by Georgina Tyson @ediblelittlegoth
Personal writing by Georgina Tyson @ediblelittlegoth
Personal writing by Georgina Tyson @ediblelittlegoth
Personal writing by Georgina Tyson @ediblelittlegoth